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SPEDPro Verification - 0004 Service Line Setting

Service Line Setting is missing or not approved for the Service Location. 

This verification is typically encountered during the beginning of the school year when there is a delay in getting data “approved” from the State and submitting IEP records. 


How can we fix this? 

Verify that the service line in question is correctly identified with the service location. 

Has the building been approved by the State? 

     SPEDPro….Buildings….Settings….status (in process, submitted, or approved?). 

Is the setting appropriate for the building (did they choose a community setting code for a regular school building?) 

This one is usually rectified by getting settings approved or by catching simple mistakes 

Why didn’t WebKIDSS catch this? 

If WebKIDSS does not indicate a verification for the service lines in question, we should start with the building profile. Does the building profile contain the approved setting codes? Were codes changed and WebKIDSS not updated?

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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base
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SPEDPro Verification - 0005

Age of student is outside of the 3 to 21 range per service line dates for current school year. This verification is usually found when you have a Part C student entering into an IEP. Providers will forget (or not realize) that services may begin prior to the student’s 3rd birthday but they may not be reported prior to that. Changing the initiation date of the IEP, and/or updating the start dates of the service lines to the 3rd birthday will rectify this. For the other end of the spectrum, students are only eligible to receive services through the year of their 21st birthday. This may indicate a student who exited (Graduated or Age Out) the program last spring, but was not exited within the program. It may also indicate that the student’s date of birth was entered incorrectly (more common for transfer-in students).
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